Skin Issues

In-house diagnosis and treatment for all kinds of pet skin problems.

It all starts with the skin.

When there’s an issue with your pet’s skin, it usually means something deeper is going on. We will diagnose and treat your pet’s skin problems as well as the root cause.

The skin, fur, and overall health of your pet are closely related. When one is off, the others likely are too. Don’t let a skin problem fester. The sooner you see the vet, the more successful treatment will be.

  • Hot Spots – Hot spots aren’t just uncomfortable, they can get infected.
  • Fleas & Ticks – Prevention is ideal. Effective treatment is the next-best option.
  • Allergies – Both seasonal and dietary allergies can result in skin issues.
  • Bandaging

    Simple wound and post-surgery care can be done from home.

  • Allergies

    Both seasonal and environmental allergies can impact the skin.

  • Hot Spots

    Is that hot spot infected? It’s best to find out for sure.

  • Hair Loss

    What does your pet’s hair loss mean, and is it serious?

  • Dry Skin

    From eczema to dandruff, figure out what’s causing dry skin symptoms.

  • Fleas & Ticks

    Protect your pet - and their skin! - from the threat of fleas and ticks.

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