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SURRENDER AGREEMENT: I certify that I am the owner of or have the authority to surrender the animal described to the MEOW co. Cat Shelter (MEOW co.) herein. I hereby relinquish all rights of ownership and any right to information on the disposition of this animal. I also authorize the release of any veterinary records. I certify that to the best of my knowledge I have truthfully disclosed all requested information concerning health, behavior, history, or anything else that may affect the safe placement of the animal in a new home. *If I reclaim this animal from MEOW co. after the surrender date, I agree to reimburse MEOW co. for its expense of caring for the animal and any expenses associated with preparing and holding the animal for adoption. (*not applicable for temporary transfer/change in custody for medical treatment and care through Goodcat Veterinary Hospital - GVH will process and handle medical billing within their respected department) In cases regarding temporary/change in custody for medical assistance, your pet will be returned back over to your care within a timely manner. Your pet will not be processed or scheduled for adoption by MEOW co. or any of it's divisions.

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