We saw the need for an aftercare company that transparently gave respectful and personal care to our orphaned cats & kittens. When we came down to it, we wanted to be a company run by cat lovers for cat lovers. We also felt that, in today’s world, being environmentally responsible is an important part of honoring our feline friends and protecting the Earth. So, we created Homeagain Aquamation to take care of your pets in the exact same way we want our own pets to be treated. And we decided to use the technology called aquamation. Aquamation is water-based and 100% green, providing huge benefits over fire-based cremation. It replicates and accelerates the natural process of decomposition, making it the most natural aftercare available. Homeagain Aquamation has become a local leader in setting a new standard for the care of your pets.

Many pet owners haven’t heard of aquamation because it has only become available to the public in the last few years; however, it has been the preferred method of aftercare for universities and large organizations for decades. It is not only a 100% green, water-based system, but a far gentler process than fire-based pet cremation. It works by replicating what happens to a body when buried and is, in fact, just an acceleration of what Mother Nature does. Your pet’s ash is returned in a decorative urn and includes a personalized, laser engraved paw print on an elegant round of bamboo. As pet owners, we know what it’s like to have to grieve such a difficult loss. That’s why we make the process friendly, seamless, and loving, because we understand you want the best for your pet’s aftercare. Few, if any, companies go to the extent we do.

Alternative to Cremation


Aquamation is the newest, safest and most natural process that you can have done for your pet. As an alternative to traditional cremation, it is far superior in almost every way. Cremation requires enormous amounts of energy and, consequently, releases tons of toxic, green house gases into the atmosphere. Aquamation only uses 1/20th of the energy that cremation does and has zero toxic emissions.

In fact, Aquamation’s entire carbon footprint is only one-tenth of what fire-based cremation produces. It also:

  • Cuts natural gas use by 90%
  • Cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 90%
  • Cuts electricity by 66%
  • Is 100% mercury free

For pet owners who care about the environment, Aquamation is by far the safest and only choice. Read more about the process of Aquamation.

As with any new process, there can be some confusion as companies try to capitalize on it. There are three choices for a pet’s aftercare: Aquamation, cremation, and burial. There is no such thing as cremation by water, water cremation, or aqua cremation. Cremation is an oxidative process, meaning it reduces a body by incinerating it. Aquamation is a gentler, water based process, far from cremation.

Daniel M.
Daniel M."The Doctor"
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I lost my 8 year old kitty to a terminal disease. I decided to use Homeagain Auqamation and was so happy with the way they took care of my fur baby.
Melanie J.
Melanie J."Nala"
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After battling renal failure and finally crossing the rainbow bridge, I had my Nala cremated using Aquamation and it was so wonderful how they cared for my Nala.
Adam H..
Adam H.."Tuesday"
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My foster kitten lost his life from an illness from a congenital defect. When it was time for us to say goodbye, we decided to try Aquamation and it was a great experience.

You might be asking “what is Aquamation?” Aquamation is the natural process known as alkaline hydrolysis. Using water flow, temperature and alkalinity, it is more like natural decomposition when compared to any other method. Following both the Aquamation or cremation process, only the bones remain. Unlike cremation, Aquamated remains resemble fine sand and contain no black, carbonized ash, and no large bone fragments. We’ve found that seeing the clean, pure sand makes it easier to hold on to the precious memories of your pet.

But why use Aquamation? The answer is easy. It is a totally green, environmentally friendly technology. No greenhouse gases are emitted and it’s non-toxic. Essentially, it just accelerates what takes place in natural decomposition. Two of the primary ways a body decomposes when buried are interactions with alkali and moisture in the soil (which begins the alkaline hydrolysis process) and the way insects help to decompose a body. In fact, the internal operation that insects use to accomplish this is actually alkaline hydrolysis. Alkaline hydrolysis is also how all humans extract nutrients from food in our small intestines.

As you saw on our home page, the consumption of fossil-fueled energy is far greater when cremation is used. To put it into context: the incineration of a small cat takes approximately 2 million BTU’s of energy. This amount of energy would heat your home for three days in -15 weather.

We understand that cost isn’t always a factor in the loss of a loved companion; however, as an added benefit, Aquamation is usually priced at, or below, the cost of cremation or burial. We often ask prospective veterinarians why, particularly if the price was the same, would you choose to offer your clients an archaic technology that horribly pollutes over a clean, more gentle method. We encourage pet owners to ask their vets the same question!

Homeagain by MEOW co. works with Peaceful Pets Aquamation, who are already responsible for eliminating almost 2 million pounds of CO2 from the air. With their current expansion, they will be able to eliminate that amount each and every year. It is a significant contribution.

In a sense, Aquamation is the opposite of burning by fire. Burning is an oxidative process where alkaline hydrolysis is a reductive process. Obviously, when nature is involved, bodies are slowly reduced to their organic elements, not burned. In fact, even chemicals such as cytotoxic drugs (i.e. chemotherapy drugs) and viruses are broken down into basic nutrient elements, rendering them non-toxic. Alkaline hydrolysis was instrumental in eradicating Britain’s Mad Cow disease for this very reason.

In a 1990 study the EPA found a who’s who of carcinogens in a report entitled Nationwide Emissions from Animal Cremation. A lot of this is common sense: if a pet has been given any kind of drug or chemotherapy, the chemicals that are in the body when cremated are then spewed into the air. To be fair, many crematories have secondary burners that burn off toxins before they get into the air; however, the toxins don’t just magically disappear. They are then left with a toxic ash to deal with. With Aquamation, this is no longer an issue – drugs and viruses are rendered benign. We at Peaceful Pets don’t want our pets’ memories left at the end of a smokestack.

Peaceful Pets Aquamation (who Homeagain works with) uses a patented machine that uses:

  • Gentle water flow
  • Low temperature
  • A small amount of alkali (5% solution)

The gentle process takes about 20 hours to complete.

Peaceful Pets is one of the 1st Companies in the World to Obtain a Patented Pet Sized Model

Aquamation is a well-established technology that has only recently been adapted to the pet industry, but it is spreading rapidly. Peaceful Pets Aquamation was one of the first companies to offer this service to the everyday consumer, and has greater experience in its use than anyone else.

Who else uses Aquamation? For both animals and humans, it is the preferred method of tissue disposition for many of the largest and most prestigious medical and educational facilities in the world. UCLA, the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, and the US Government are among the many who have alkaline hydrolysis machinery. It’s also used in many countries, including Great Britain, Australia, and South Africa.

Aquamation is now legal in 15 states to be used for humans.

Homeagain Aquamation is a division of goodcat Veterinary Hospital & MEOW co. – Central California’s leading nonprofit cat shelters, neonatal kitten nurseries.

Homeagain is a third party affiliate of Peaceful Pets Aquamation in Southern California. Peaceful Pets Aquamation is the leading company in providing the best afterlife care for pets and handle all of the cremation process. 

The aquamation cremation process is performed by Peaceful Pets. Homeagain works in conjunction with goodcat Veterinary Hospital to make the aquamation process possible and available to the Central California areas.