Goodcat Veterinary Hospital will accept community cats* for spaying and neutering on Wednesday – Saturday. We open at 8 a.m., and begin intake under the following conditions:Advance appointments are necessary and help to better secure your spot. Trappers currently have no limit on the amount of cats they bring in each day – in respects to daily surgery limit (one cat per trap), Wednesday – Saturday. When we reach our limit, no additional feral/community cats will be accepted for surgery that day. We do not accept feral/community cats for surgery on Saturdays.

Community cats coming in for surgery must be in a cat trap. One cat per trap. No exceptions. If you are using your own trap, please note that cat traps must be a minimum of 9″x 9″ x 28″. The small traps that are sold at feed stores, usually as part of a two-pack, (measuring 7″ x 7″ x 24″) are designed for ground squirrels or gophers. The small trap is not suitable for cats, and we will not accept cats coming to our clinic in those traps. If you choose to purchase a trap, we recommend traps that are 10″ x 12″ x 32″ for the safety of the cat. Goodcat Veterinary Hospital offers cat traps rentals if you need to get a properly-sized trap before your appointment. A $50 deposit is required for trap rental, which is fully refundable when the trap is returned to us clean and in good working order. Cats coming to our clinic in pet carriers are subject to appointment availability and will be charged our fees for owned cats.

Community cats will receive surgery, a rabies vaccination, an FVRCP vaccination and an ear-tip on their right ear. No exceptions will be made regarding ear-tipping.  The fee for surgery for community cats is $60 per cat.

Goodcat Veterinary Hospital has humane cat traps available for rent (subject to availability). If you wish to rent a trap, please come into the clinic during regular business hours, complete our cat trap rental agreement, leave the deposit, and take the trap with you. You may also download the form at the bottom of this page and complete it before coming into the clinic. If you are planning to trap a number of cats, you will also be asked to complete our Trapper Agreement prior to bringing cats to our clinic for surgery. You may download this form at the bottom of this page and complete it before coming to the clinic.

All community cats coming to our clinic for surgery will be discharged at the end of day between 3-4pm. No exceptions.

If you choose to rent a trap from Goodcat Veterinary Hospital, the trap must be returned in a clean and operable condition within the period of your rental agreement. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your deposit.

Trap rentals are only for clients bringing their TNRs to GVH and not for another clinic.

If you need tips on trapping cats humanely, please download the Humane Trapping Tips form on the bottom of this page.

*“Community cats” are defined as cats that are free-roaming and do not appear to have an owner or permanent place to live. This definition includes feral cats and neighborhood strays.