Dr. Carly with a critical patient kitten

We have opportunities available in Central California for people who want to make a difference for both cats and people. Whether your passion is accounting, technology, animal care or making a difference for people, whether you have loads of professional experience or you’ve simply been volunteering for a few years, there’s a career here for you.

(Fun fact: More than 30% of Goodcat/MEOW co. staff started out as volunteers.)

Above all else, Goodcat and MEOW co. believe in being kind to all, both two- and four-legged beings. Compassion drives our work to save the lives of cats, and it drives us in our daily lives. We do not judge; we respect one another; we embrace new ideas, solutions and differences. We welcome people from all backgrounds and appreciate where you are in your professional journey.

We are quirky. We never take ourselves too seriously, and we know that humor is important in this field. We operate with love and seek to spread positivity.

We are determined to create a safer, brighter world for cats and to Save The Kitties.

You are passionate, talented and willing to share your special skills with others in order to save the lives of cats and kittens. You are open to new ideas and ways of thinking. You are not only a cat lover, you’re a people lover. You strive to lift others up and empower those around you, while empowering and caring for yourself. (Self-care is so important.)

Like everyone else at Goodcat and MEOW co., you are kind and don’t take yourself too seriously. You like to laugh while you work, yet you are driven to get your work done.

You are willing to accept change in an ever-changing and evolving field, and you welcome people from all walks of life. You lead with humility and you’re determined to Save The Kitties.

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