About Us

Goodcat Veterinary Hospital is a division of MEOW co. (a 501c3 nonprofit rescue/shelter organization). This hospital was created to help the community in providing veterinary services at a low-cost. Our ideology is that no animal should be putdown or suffer in pain because their human(s) don’t have the financial capacity to afford veterinary care. 

Our hospital is run by Dr. Carly Titanich, Chief of Staff and Daniel Mariano, Charge Nurse. Our team is consists of paid staff as well as volunteer doctors and nurses from the community. 

Goodcat is a feline only hospital so we can provide services to the most underserved pets in our community as well as create a calm/safe environment for our patients.  

Our capabilities and services range from general healthcare, surgeries, spay/neuters, vaccinations, dental, radiology, in-house and external labwork, and urgent/critical care. 

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